Are you one of the many people wondering why Telstra (or another telephone line provider) has claimed that your phone line is installed on your premises, yet you plug in a phone and there isn’t any dial tone?

The fact is that they are only responsible for the line being delivered to the first socket (common in most residential addresses), or otherwise to the MDF (Main Distribution Frame – common in commercial addresses).

It is very common that even though a line has been terminated at the NTP (Network Termination Point) there is still no available dial tone. Beyond this point, you will need to get a private licensed technician to complete the necessary cabling structure for your telephone or phone system to connect.

This is not something that the networks tell you until it happens, so it is best to have a technician available to assist in the completion of the line connection. In most circumstances, you will already have some form of cabling infrastructure in the building. If that is the case, it will spare the cost of running additional cables and will just be a matter of “jumpering” your new line to its desired location.

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