The Panasonic TDA30 is everywhere. If you peer over the reception desk of the next office you visit, chances are that you will see a Panasonic handset sitting there. There is a reason for this…

Panasonic have dominated the small to medium business market, and this system is the reason why. It is packed full of features, can be expanded to up to 12 lines and 24 extensions, looks great, is easy to program and is very use user friendly. If you can think of a configuration, no matter how complex it may be, Panasonic can step up to the plate.

It does this by being able to evolve both with system cards and ever growing software and firmware updates. The future is coming in the field of telecommunications, but with a Panasonic TDA series system, you are ready for it.

If you don’t already have a Panasonic phone system, then when it comes time to update the office communications you should definitely be considering one. We install them on a regular basis and have had nothing but praise for the difference it makes to office efficiency.