The new Panasonic NCP500 phone system has taken the best features of the TDE series and made it in to a compact and powerful communications solution.

Made to proceed the TDA30, it has evolved into a sophisticated and versatile PBX. It now comes with a LAN port as standard, allowing you to connect remotely for maintenance, connect VoIP lines/extensions, CTI server capability built in, VoIP gateway links and more.

Not only that, but the system now has an increased maximum extension capacity, ISDN30 PRI card compatibility, VoIP handset compatibility and maybe the best thing: Built in Voicemail and Auto Attendant!!

It is compatible with the TDA series handsets, so you can even upgrade without adding the cost of new ones! Panasonic have done a great job with this system and it will no doubt be received well by the market. It is affordable and highly capable, expandable and infinitely functional. A small to medium sized business can really benefit from a system like this one.