The Panasonic KXT7630 handset is one that you will see in a huge portion of Australian businesses. It is a very sleek and functional handset that is compatible with the Panasonic TDA phone system series. It has:

• 24 programmable function keys
• 24 one touch keys
• Handsfree speakerphone
• 3 line display
• Dual colour LED’s
• High visibility message LED’s
• Alphanumeric display
• Hands-free speech
• Available in black and white

This handset has recently been surpassed by the DT333 handset, but in all honesty it is only an aesthetic change, as the buttons and features have not changed at all. Panasonic have now stopped manufacturing the KXT7630, but they are still widely available in good condition second hand. Panasonic is typically reliable and these handsets are built to last, so there isn’t much need to worry.

Overall, we think this handset is a great addition to a Panasonic phone system, and would recommend it to any of our customers that are looking for a functional, attractive phone for either the home or office.