• What is Network Cabling?

network cabling is a pathway through which information can transport from one device to another. There are several types of cable that have been used in networks as they have evolved over the years and they are usually uniform throughout the cabling infrastructure, though sometimes different grades of cable are utilised depending on the requirements of the services they are intended for. CAT3 cable is typically used for telephone services, CAT5 or CAT5e is the most commonly used network cable and CAT6 is a step above. CAT6 is the most advanced, provides the best performance and is the wisest choice of cable when taking any possible future updates to your network into consideration. It can support up to 10Gb ethernet speed, therefore far exceeds current requirements for the office environment.

  • Can anyone install network cabling?

No. If you intend on installing fixed cabling of any kind you need to have the appropriate license to do so. For network/data/telephone cabling, you need to have an ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority) license, which consists of a series of short courses and a certain level of prior knowledge. You may work with a registered cabler but must have your work supervised and checked by them. Basically, it is both illegal and foolish to attempt the work yourself. Get a registered cabler who has the knowledge and experience to deliver an installation that meets the cabling standards requirements.

  • Does the network cabling have a warranty?

Yes, we are able to offer you a 5 year warranty on all cabling installations as long as they are not damaged or interfered with by third parties. We can offer up to a 20 year warranty if required, this depends on what product you choose. It will no doubt cost more, but if you want a cabling system that you don’t need to think about for 20 years, it’s worth it!

  • What is the cost per socket?

the cost varies between buildings as the building structure dictates how long the installation will take and how long each cable run will be. The complexity of the job will determine if you will need ducting/conduiting, require floor boxes, what size data cabinet and what type of cable is best suited.  All these variables affect the price. We are happy to inspect your site to provide a quote free of charge.