Are you thinking of moving your existing socket from its current location into a different room? or maybe create a series of sockets in multiple rooms? If you’ve been having trouble trying to find someone qualified (other than Telstra – but it’s unlikely that they will help), then you need to talk to us. We are constantly being called out to various houses and offices to relocate a phone line to a new area. The typical distance is usually around 15 – 20 metres, and to do this we usually only charge a fee of $150.00.

We have found that most other businesses will charge much more and have had positive feedback about our fair prices and friendly, professional service.

We service all of Sydney and its surrounding areas and are usually able to attend to your call out within 24 hours or even the same day. We are highly experienced and fully licensed, making sure that the work is completed according to all cabling industry standards.

To contact a technician, please call us today on 0406 611 538