If you are looking to connect a new phone line from your MDF (Main Distribution Frame) to your existing phone point, you have come to the right place. We are performing such connections all over Sydney on a daily basis and can usually service your cabling needs the same day.

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The connection is usually made using the existing phone line cabling within the building, but we can also create new points throughout your home or office if required. We can also connect your line/s to a phone system or PABX if you have one.

Many people are surprised that their telephone line provider does not complete their line installation up to the first socket, but it all comes down to where they determine is the “network boundary”. In the case of most larger buildings such as apartments, office blocks and so on, this is defined as the MDF. Any cabling continuing on from that point is considered “customer cabling”, and is maintained by private licensed technicians. There are standards and legal requirements for both who and how a connection is made to an MDF or other defined network boundary.

In order to get your phone, ADSL, fax, modem, alarm or any other service working, you can rely on us to provide a quick solution to completing your installation so that you can get back to work sooner.