We can supply and install an intercom system that will allow you to interconnect your front door, multiple rooms, different apartments and pretty much any two locations within distance of a cable run. we can wire up the system to a door strike, allowing you to open doors remotely.

Or maybe you need to see who is at the door... For this we can connect a video system which will give you added security for you home or office. The installation uses CAT5 cabling and this will be run throughout, unless you have an existing system that you want to replace.

We offer wide range of intercom systems for commercial & residential clients throughout Sydney.

Intercom system

Intercom Systems & Installation

We recommend that you get us to perform a free no obligation site inspection and quote before recommending which product will be right for you, so please call us on 0406 611 538 or send us an email with your requirements. You can find the details on our contact us page.