There is a growing list of network hardware that is necessary in the world of office technology. In order to connect all these devices in a way that they can communicate effectively, you need to make sure that both your infrastructure and local socket cabling are installed to a high standard.

Computers and servers are operating at extraordinary rates of data transfer, with multiple operations occuring at any one time between multiple devices. If you want them all to be passing their data effectively, it is crucial to ensure the computer cabling is installed correctly.

The cabling can service your company for a decade or more, yet it is a relatively small cost in proportion to the rest of your IT budget, which will need to be updated every year or so. The demands on your computer cabling infrastructure will typically increase over time,  so it is important when planning your cabling system to allow for growth so to ensure future flexibility. To make changes and additions at a later date can be disruptive and also expensive and are best avoided by getting it right the first time.

We offer a consultancy into what design is best in terms of future proofing your network, as well as determining what materials and hardware might be required. The ideal computer cabling at this point in time is the CAT6 standard, which will allow for speeds in excess of 1Gbps. This will allow your data to carry across the network at lightning fast speeds for years to come.

We are experts in this field and have a host of customers throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas who operate safely in the knowledge that they have a structured cabling system that meets their requirements.

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