I have recently completed an installation at a home address in Chatswood, NSW. The customer requested that we install 19 CAT6 data points, spread throughout the various rooms in his newly bought house. The installation was to facilitate network and internet connection for both his servers (the customer has a background in IT and still manages some customers from home) and his family.

The house was not new, but built in the 1970’s and was very clean and in good condition. The roof, however, was extremely low and lined with rat droppings!

This is not the best news when you know you will be crawling through it for the next few days… but it had to be done! The CAT6 cables needed to run from the laundry, which is where a 42RU 800mm data cabinet would be installed, then up into the roof and eventually end up at a new socket in each respective room. Each cable was fixed along the roof beams in order to keep the cables out of harm’s reach, and once the cable had reached the intended room, it was run inside the wall cavity and connected to a fixed socket (either single, double or triple ports depending on location requirements).

Once the cables had been installed, the 24 port patch panel was terminated and each socket was labelled corresponding with the patch panel port. The ADSL line was terminated to the last port, therefore the customers modem could be connected inside the cabinet. Every socket was then validated and returned as a pass.

We supplied a 24 port 1 gigabit switch in order to enable each socket to have access to the network and the web, and a wireless access point was supplied in a strategic position to allow wireless access for additional wireless dependant devices.

After three days of hard work, we had put in place a solution that will give the customer super fast, reliable internet and network speeds for many years to come.

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