Last week we completed yet another CAT5e installation for one of our customers in Sydney CBD. The customer was relocating and needed the outdated office to be fitted out with network cabling that will allow for the high bandwidth and transfer speeds that their business is growing dependant upon.

The cabling was not able to be run through the roof (which is the most common way to distribute the cables as most offices have a false ceiling), so therefore we had to use the existing skirted cable distribution which lined the outside of the office perimeter. The panels had to be removed, then the cables were run inside them to their mapped location. There were 22 data points to be fitted in total, which was a strain on the capacity of the skirting, but it was able to be done satisfactorily without modifying it. Most of the locations had either 2 or 4 sockets on the 35mm boxed wall plates. Once the cables had been fitted to every socket, it was time to terminate the other end.

The cabling was connected to a 24 port patch panel in T-568A configuration, and each cable was tested to confirm it was validated at CAT5e standard speed. A wall mounted 9RU data cabinet was fitted inside the utility room (where all the cabling had been run back to) the new ADSL line was connected and tested as working.

They had also decided to install a Panasonic phone system inside of their data cabinet, which means that they can connect the telephone extensions directly to the patch panel ports. Each phone was patched to the associated socket, and the phone system was programmed accordingly.

The site was now ready for the customer to be up and running the follow Monday morning.

If you have a network or telephone cabling requirement, contact us and we will be happy to help you too.