Cat5 and Cat5e network cabling is used to connect all your devices to the local area network (LAN) and also to the outside world via the internet. The modern business environment is dependent on having links to the outside world at all times and the demands of a high speed network are becoming greater with every passing day.

CAT5e Cabling Installation Services in Sydney

Cat5 is needed to connect with your computers ethernet adapters, which are then linked back to your server, which is ultimately then connected to the web and possibly to your other sites.

We have provided many businesses with cabling that is driving the technology behind their success. We have invested in the best tools and test equipment on the market, we are fully licensed, experienced and have formal qualifications that make us experts in the field. You will be provided a project managed end to end solution to your cabling needs. The Cat5e standard will give you peace of mind to get on with your operations.

Why choose to Upgrade to CAT5e?

If you have old telephone cabling which is prone to faults and that has become a "spaghetti junction" over the years, you should definitely be talking to us about putting in place a structured CAT5 cabling system. You may also have you LAN network cables running around the edge of the room, making the office look untidy and being likely to cause faults or accidents. It doesn't have to be like that!

You can speak to us about designing a simple and effective way of converging your data and voice cabling into one very clean and manageable area, have sockets at each desk, labels on all connections, diagrams to help you self manage your site and the friendly support of our small team of experts who care about doing the best job possible. Your office will be brought into the 21st century, allowing your critical network devices access to high speed communication links. You will be amazed at the difference!