CAT6 home installation

I have recently completed an installation at a home address in Chatswood, NSW. The customer requested that we install 19 CAT6 data points, spread throughout the various rooms in his newly bought house. The installation was to facilitate network and internet connection for both his servers (the customer has a background in IT and still […]

Beware of cabling cowboys

I do a lot of cabling… and I mean A LOT! When you have done as much as I have, you quickly realise that there are some installers out there who really don’t care at all about their customer or the cabling standards. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked in to […]

Panasonic NCP500

The new Panasonic NCP500 phone system has taken the best features of the TDE series and made it in to a compact and powerful communications solution. Made to proceed the TDA30, it has evolved into a sophisticated and versatile PBX. It now comes with a LAN port as standard, allowing you to connect remotely for […]

Panasonic TDA30

The Panasonic TDA30 is everywhere. If you peer over the reception desk of the next office you visit, chances are that you will see a Panasonic handset sitting there. There is a reason for this… Panasonic have dominated the small to medium business market, and this system is the reason why. It is packed full […]

Panasonic KXT7630

The Panasonic KXT7630 handset is one that you will see in a huge portion of Australian businesses. It is a very sleek and functional handset that is compatible with the Panasonic TDA phone system series. It has: • 24 programmable function keys • 24 one touch keys • Handsfree speakerphone • 3 line display • […]

Panasonic Phone Technician

We are certified Panasonic phone system technicians. We are able to supply, install, service and maintain all Panasonic equipment, including the following new and legacy models: KX-NS700 & KX-NS1000 KX-NCP500/1000 KX-TDE200/600 KX-TDA30/100/200/600 TD500, TD816/1232 TEA308, TA308 We have over 10 years experience with their product range and have configured every possible feature and function, therefore we are highly […]