Upgrading your existing Phone System to the NBN

Upgrade your existing PBX to NBN, VoIP/SIP Services So you’ve probably been getting nuisance calls from Telco companies, telling you that the NBN is coming to your area imminently and that if you don’t upgrade your outdated phone system in time, you won’t be compatible and will lose your current business lines. Well, there is some truth […]

VoIP Phone System Cabling

Thinking of getting a VoIP telephone system solution?  If you have been using your old telephone cabling sockets for your traditional PBX, then you will need to upgrade your network cabling infrastructure to a CAT5e or CAT6 solution. The handsets that are used on a VoIP system are much like your PC, in that they […]

MDF Phone Line Connection

If you are looking to connect a new phone line from your MDF (Main Distribution Frame) to your existing phone point, you have come to the right place. We are performing such connections all over Sydney on a daily basis and can usually service your cabling needs the same day. If you need assistance, please: […]

Telephone Contractors

We are Sydney’s most loved phone contractor, providing a full range of services for both phone and data. We can complete home or business line installations, connecting to either existing or newly installed cabling. We can troubleshoot existing lines, diagnose ADSL issues as well as create central filters and splitters. ADSL connections, fault diagnosis PSTN […]

Computer Cabling

There is a growing list of network hardware that is necessary in the world of office technology. In order to connect all these devices in a way that they can communicate effectively, you need to make sure that both your infrastructure and local socket cabling are installed to a high standard. Computers and servers are […]

Phone System Installation

There are so many choices out there… Which one is right for your needs? Which one will accommodate the requirements of your business both now and in the future? When you are deciding on which system is right for you, make sure you call us first. We offer sales, service and and maintenance on a […]

Network Cabling FAQ

What is Network Cabling? network cabling is a pathway through which information can transport from one device to another. There are several types of cable that have been used in networks as they have evolved over the years and they are usually uniform throughout the cabling infrastructure, though sometimes different grades of cable are utilised […]

Phone line installation

Are you one of the many people wondering why Telstra (or another telephone line provider) has claimed that your phone line is installed on your premises, yet you plug in a phone and there isn’t any dial tone? The fact is that they are only responsible for the line being delivered to the first socket […]

Move phone socket

Are you thinking of moving your existing socket from its current location into a different room? or maybe create a series of sockets in multiple rooms? If you’ve been having trouble trying to find someone qualified (other than Telstra – but it’s unlikely that they will help), then you need to talk to us. We […]

CAT5e office installation

Last week we completed yet another CAT5e installation for one of our customers in Sydney CBD. The customer was relocating and needed the outdated office to be fitted out with network cabling that will allow for the high bandwidth and transfer speeds that their business is growing dependant upon. The cabling was not able to […]